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Root Canals

Root canal therapy is needed when the the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth) is affected by decay, trauma or infection. In order to save the tooth, the pulp (including the nerves), bacteria and any decay are removed and the resulting space is filled and sealed with special dental materials. 
Having a root canal done on a tooth is the treatment of choice to save a tooth that otherwise would die and have to be removed. Many patients believe that removing a tooth that has problems is the solution, but what is not realized is that extracting (pulling) a tooth will ultimately be more costly and cause significant problems for adjacent teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of a possible root canal:

  • Lingering sensitivity to hot and/or cold.
  • Severe, spontaneous toothache.
  • Sensitivity to chewing on the tooth.
  • Swelling and/or tenderness.
  • Darkening of one tooth (often without symptoms).
  • An abscess (or pimple) on the gums.
  • Sometimes no symptoms are present, but the x-ray reveals the abscess (infection)

If you think you have an infected tooth, it is important to get an examination promptly. Based on what we discover, we will recommend the most conservative treatment that is right for you.

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