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Laser Dentistry

We use the Delight hard/soft tissue laser as well as the latest soft tissue specialty laser for a wide range of dental procedures. The laser allows for conservative/preventative dental treatment. It also decontaminates the working area from bacteria/viruses which provides an optimum sterile environment and promotes healing of surgical sites.

  • Laser cavity removal
  • Laser gum lifts
  • Laser periodontal surgery and decontamination of inflamed/diseased gum pockets
  • Laser conditioned tooth surfaces to enhance bonding of tooth colored restorations
  • Laser assisted tooth extractions
  • Laser assisted root canal treatment (used to decontaminate the root canal systems)
  • Laser treatment of Canker Sores
  • Laser treatment of Cold (herpes) Sores

Hard Tissue Laser Treatment

Hard Tissue Laser Treatment

Hard Tissue Laser Treatment

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