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Family & Preventive Dentistry

With the arrival of your child's second birthday, a visit to the dentist is warranted. You will be instructed on the best ways to safeguard your child's dental health. The earlier that first visit takes place, the better your child's chances of preventing dental problems.

We will evaluate your child's teeth and provide a program of home care, including diet counseling, brushing and flossing instructions, and fluoride recommendations. These directions will allow you to assist your child in acquiring healthy habits.

Professional dental cleanings and examinations help to prevent such problems as gum disease, cavities and infection in adults and children because they can help identify such problems during their early stages of development.

Our registered dental hygienists will provide a deep cleaning, including scaling, root planing, polishing, fluoride, digital xrays and recommendations for further preventative care. Your dentist will provide a comprehensive examination and discuss his findings with you. This will also give you an opportunity to voice any concerns you may have as well.

With preventive dentistry our aim is to maintain a healthy smile. Most of all preventive dentistry will mean less extensive and expensive treatments in the future.

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