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Latest News: Dr. Ross has Retired! A Letter from Dr. Arthur Ross on 49 years of dentistry and retiring in September 2017.

Image Smiles Dental DentistsAugust 15th, 2016

To my valued patients,

The year 2017 will mark 53 years since I graduated University and 49 years since I graduated from dental school. As I write these numbers I look at them in disbelief and I do the calculations, over and over again. Nope! They’re right!

It seems like yesterday (actually 1970) that I said to my mentor, “I heard that there are already too many dentists in Vancouver and it is too difficult to start a new practice.” His response: “Always put the patient’s needs first, always do your best and always improve your skills and knowledge.” How true! Janis (my wife, hygienist and practice builder) and I took this advice to heart and here we are 49 years later. I passed this advice along to a fourth year dental student I mentored last year.

I have always enjoyed doing my best and working for my patient’s best interests. That’s why I hear “Dr. Ross, do you know I have been seeing you for 40+ years? WOW!”

I have now been with Dr. Jim Yeganegi, my present boss, for 21 years. I am so very pleased with the mutual respect we have for each other and the professional relationship we have. I am proud to have witnessed Jim becoming one of the top dentists in the city. He is now involved in teaching younger dentists, in the field of implants and growing more bone to house implants. As impressed as I am with his technical ability, I like the way he respects and treats our patients. I refer to Jim as a younger dentist with an older dentist’s values.

We also have in the office another associate, Dr. Dawn Jung-Doddington, who is as compassionate as they come. I am looking forward to introducing you and having you meet Dawn. I have seen her excellent work and more importantly how she relates to patients; top notch. She has been in our office a few years now and has been practicing dentistry for 15 years. I feel most comfortable with her - as well as Jim - taking over any of my long standing patients.

Heidi my chair side assistant of 21 years has been with me since graduation. I have enjoyed the years she has put up with me. Our receptionists Sylvia and Cassandra have been in the office 33 and 28 years respectively. It has been a pleasure to see their smiling faces each morning coming to work. I have known Irene, Jim’s assistant, since her mother brought her in as a baby sucking her thumb. Jim has done a great job in picking the rest of the team who presently work in the office as assistants, hygienists, receptionists, etc. The office is professional to work in yet fun.

So, if you have not already guessed, I am planning to retire next year most probably by or before spring 2017. I chose this time because it will give me the opportunity to say goodbye and thank all my patients for being so loyal over the years I will see you at your next six month recall appointment as this will enable an opportunity to complete any outstanding work, and chart future work for Dawn and/or Jim.

I feel sad but comfortable in leaving you in good hands and in knowing that the dentist-patient relationships Janis and I started with, will continue.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Arthur Ross

Arthur and Janis Ross

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